Welcome to PALMS, where parents and teachers join forces to sprinkle a little extra magic onto the school experience at Long Meadow!

At PALMS (Parents/Friends at Long Meadow School), we’re not just a charity, we’re a community-driven powerhouse dedicated to making school life unforgettable for our little learners.

Over the past few years, our PALMS team has been on a mission to turn every classroom into a playground for imagination and learning. With your support, we’ve funded exciting school trips, upgraded our tech game with shiny new computers and interactive whiteboards, jazzed up our playgrounds with colorful markings, and even made sure every leaver walks away with a special memento of their time here. Plus, who could forget the epic Easter Trail?

Here’s a rundown of the fantastic events PALMS has orchestrated to bring joy and support to our school community:

Summer Fete: Fun in the sun with games, stalls, and laughter galore!

Christmas Fayre: A winter wonderland of festive delights, crafts, and Santa sightings!

Reduced price Panto Tickets: Because every child deserves a magical trip to the theatre.

Movies and Munchies: Film nights with popcorn, cozy blankets, and unforgettable memories.

School Lottery: Lady Luck smiles on those who support education and win fabulous prizes!

Easter Hunt: Hunting for eggs, bunnies, and smiles—Easter joy for all!

Treat Cookie Days: Indulge in sweet treats while supporting our school’s initiatives.

Discos: Groovy nights of dancing, laughter, and making memories under the disco ball!

Old Clothes Collection: Declutter for a cause and support sustainability efforts.

But here’s the real magic: we’re just getting started!

If you’re itching to be part of something truly special, PALMS is calling your name! Whether you’re a master event planner, a crafty volunteer, or just someone with a passion for making a difference, we’d love to have you on board. Join our committee or lend a hand at one of our electrifying events – your enthusiasm and energy could be the secret ingredient that takes our initiatives to the next level.

Ready to sprinkle some PALMS magic? Drop us a line at and let’s make dreams come true together!

P.S. Calling all superheroes with matching powers! If your company is into spreading joy as much as we are and can match fund any of our events, reach out to the school reception or ping us via our website. Let’s double the impact and double the fun!

Remember, PALMS isn’t just a charity, it’s a family. And together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve!

Registered Charity No. 1095870

PALMS Committee:

Chair: Louise Lamb

Vice Chair: Carla Anzuino

Secretary: Amy Hanham

Treasurer: Paula Taylor

General Committee:

Vicky Frost, Hayley Rodgers, Claire Wilford, Laura Moody, Fiorella Giugni, Karolina Beyers, Lizzie Tully, Carolyn Easson, Deborah King, Yasmin Othman-Fitzjohn, Lauren McNeil, Shauna Huxtable, Sam Mellor, AJ Bouchada-Mhlanga & Gemma Sedgwick

We are always looking for new members, please email us for further details.

Upcoming events:

Saturday 29th June – Summer Fete