School Development Plan


The school development plan is an important document. It focuses the direction of the school and outlines areas of development that will improve the school. All stakeholders should be aware of its priorities and hold the leadership of the school to account in considering its impact. A number of strands and improvements, both national and from within the school, are brought together in the plan.  These have been the subject of discussions with staff and governors and reflect extensive innovation and improvement, and subsequent consolidation over many years.

The plan is annually compiled and sets short, medium and long term aims for the school.  The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Subject Leaders and staff conduct a review of the SDP each term. Following the allocation of financial resources by the LA, this plan is submitted to the governors for approval in the Autumn term.


The central focus of Long Meadow School’s Plan is to inform all stakeholders of how the school intends to ensure all pupils fulfill their potential. Through the use of well managed resources, careful planning and the developing partnership between staff, parents, governors and the community, we aim to provide quality educational experiences for all our pupils.

We aim to serve all partners in the school community responsibly and effectively.  We will promote quality educational experiences and help each partner to achieve his / her full potential through equality of access, entitlement and opportunity.

Development plan aims

The development plan aims to provide a realistic and practical framework to:

  •       secure and extend existing good practice and promote whole school improvement
  •       remedy deficiencies
  •       enable an agreed analysis of need so as to prioritise programmes of activity
  •       construct a timetable for addressing priorities within available resources
  •       co-ordinate budget preparation
  •       communicate the school’s aims and intentions to all partners.

Development plan objectives

  •       to assist the school in enhancing the quality of learning experiences
  •       to provide a realistic framework for review and evaluation
  •       to encourage collaboration, partnership and ownership
  •       to provide a framework for accountability of resource allocation.

School Improvement Priorities