We are committed to supporting our children to understand the world around them and take steps that will help to secure the planet’s future. We do this by:

  • Each class having two Eco-Monitors
  • Being committed to recycling
  • Explaining to the children how we generate energy at Long Meadow using our wind turbine and solar panels
  • Teaching the children the importance of saving water
  • Explaining the importance of managing resources in school like our use of paper
  • Keeping doors and windows closed in cold weather
  • Turning off classroom lights when rooms are empty
  • Asking our Eco-Monitors to remind teachers about the importance of turning off computer and projectors
  • Visiting the Recycling Factory in Milton Keynes


Each of our classes have two Eco-Monitors who serve in their role for half a term before passing the role onto new Eco-Monitors. They wear badges so they can be easily identified by children in their class and around the school. Meetings are held twice per half-term to discuss their successes and areas they would like to tackle. We carry out site visits around the school to check that important aspects of sustainability are being maintained. They also have an important role to play in feeding back information to the class teacher and the class.

Recycling and Composting

Like most schools, we are part of the Local Authority’s recycling scheme and we recycle our plastic, cans, paper and glass. We also make sure that food waste is sent for composting.

Batteries can cause tremendous damage to the environment if they find their way into landfill so our battery bin has an essential role to play.


Renewable Energy

We are very fortunate at Long Meadow to have two sources of renewable energy. Both our wind turbine and our solar panels generate electricity to supply the school, but also they also supply us with an income due to the energy we feed back to the grid. Each quarter, electricity companies supply us with a feed in tariff. Both the solar panels and the wind turbine were fully funded with grants and did not require additional funding from the school budget.