School Travel

School Travel Team and Our Travel Plan

We are currently on a School Travel plan journey. Every member of our school community wants to travel safely to and from school and our aim is to ensure this happens, whilst reducing the number of cars in the area.

We are;

  • Addressing our school transport and travel issues and challenges
  • Supporting families and pupils to undertake more safe but active travel
  • Increasing levels of sustainable travel to and from our school
  • Increasing pupils physical activity levels
  • Supporting and improving our relationship with the local community
  • Gaining accreditation through the national Modeshift Stars

We already have;

  • A Travel Team, made up of children from across the school
  • Activities and assemblies supporting active travel and road safety
  • Security bike marking
  • Bike to school week
  • developed safer routes to school maps
  • provided local travel information through a board in the main entrance
  • worked with local haulage companies to improve children’s safety around large vehicles
  • our Bronze Travel Plan accreditation waiting to be be verified

and much much more…

Please check out the links below for more travel advice & information:

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